Nuneaton Triathlon Club Choose Nuneaton Based Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic for Sports Injury Treatment

Posted: June 8, 2015

Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic the Choice for  Sports Injury Treatment for Nuneaton Triathlon Club

Nuneaton Triathlon Club is the latest sports club to become members of the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic for uses of sports injury treatment. The 180 member strong club have offered a combination of running, swimming, and cycling to people of Nuneaton and beyond for the past 5 years. Club commercial manager and popular member Andy Russell said “I know a lot of our members used Queens Road Sports Injury for Sports injury treatment as well as being looked after in the training phase of their respective disciplines through massage and strength and conditioning and so I had to go and visit the guys myself to see what the hype was all about. It was only after being treated by the guys at Queens Road Sports Injury did I understand why they are such a popular choice for many of our members for sports injury treatment and exercise rehabilitation. I am a keen triathlete myself and train every week which involves endless miles on the road running cycling or in the water. The guys at Queens Road Sports Injury have got me ready for everyone of my competitions so far. We have members who train for enjoyment and members who train for competition and everyone receives the same expert level of medical attention at the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic. Having spoken to a lot of our competition members I think the most compelling thing is the amount of knowledge the guys at Queens Road Sports Injury posses. They treat all ranges of abilities and have had experience working with elite international teams and athletes as well as semi professional and keen fitness minded individuals. It was something I personally felt was needed to be offered as a service to clubs such as ours and so we just had to climb on board the benefits for our club and members  Sports injury and massage therapy wise are excellent”. Queens Road Sports Injury added “it’s becoming a trend for all the major sports clubs in Nuneaton to join our clinic for  sports injury and exercise rehabilitation treatment it just makes sense. The Nuneaton Triathlon Club is run by great individuals and we have some very friendly individuals who visit us for  sports injury treatment or rehabilitation through the training phase via massage or strength and conditioning. I think all clubs in the Nuneaton area will benefit from what we have to offer whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone who likes to keep fit”. To find out how your club can benefit contact the team at Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic by the details below.

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    What our clients say

    "Playing rugby at a high standard means I must stay fit and injury free. Although i wasn't injured at the time I payed a visit to the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic after having been told by a freind the indepth injury prevention work they offer. It was clear to see that the treatment team were very experienced and were used to working with high caliber sports personel as the asssesment and biomechanical analyses was exceptional. I was told about the injuries that i could be more at risk of gettign and had a strict well supported rehabillition programme to follow. After just a few sessions i can honestly say i feel a big difference in my balance and equal muscular strength. Even though I am at the later stages of my career feel it is a great service to stay injury free and would realy benefit any youngsters who are keen to play their relative sports at the highest level. A big thankyou to the team at the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic keep the great work up, highly recomended.”

    by Adam Wilson, Nuneaton O.E. RFC

    "I can honestly say that I can feel a marked improvement in my right shoulder. It now feels more relaxed and less tense than it has for many years. Playing cricket at a high standard put a lot of stress on the body. The injury treatment and prevention work I received was brilliant Thank You Ash”

    by Jason Jakeman, Cricket Coach, Former Worcester CC & Coventry North Warwickshire all rounder

    "I had never heard of Queens Rd Sports Injury Clinic but after suffering with back aches I thought I would give it a go. I am really pleased at the results your treatment has given me. I can't believe it only took two treatments to make a huge difference. If only I had known about the clinic before."

    by Sheila Beasley, Accountant

    "Having suffered from spinal joint pain for years and tried many other therapists and treatments with no success I was told by a friend to visit Ash the specialist at the Queens Rd Sports Injury Clinic. Although my injury had nothing to do with sport it was explained to me that this did not matter. The expertise Ash has in this field is second to none and the results are amazing. He is a great guy and offers a service of high quality I would definitely recommend him to anyone".

    by Graham Wale, Warehouseman.

    “I have played rugby at a semi-professional and professional level for much of my career. During this time i have had a lot of injuries which stopped my playing career and doing certain activities on a daily bases. The work Ash has done has been awesome not only has he made my daily living easier i am now back playing rugby at a recreational standard. The knowledge he has about the human body is outstanding and his support with the rehabilitation programme throughout my treatment was excellent. I wasn't surprised to find out about his great achievements and the fact he has worked with some of the best athletes in the country".

    by Ricky Hislop Former Coventry RFC

    "After giving birth to my son I suffered from severe lower back and hip pain. Having had a consultation i was put through a detailed analyses which found muscle and biomechanical imbalances. The treatment I received and rehabilitation programme I followed allowed me to get back to day to day living. Visiting the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic was by far the best choice I have ever made, highly recommended to anyone with any injury".

    by Donnor Pearson, Full time mum

    "My son suffered from a chronic knee condition which leads him not being able take part in any physical activity for over 8 months. It was very frustrating for me and my son with the problem not being solved and him not being able to play football or be a normal active teenager. After travelling near and far and having visited a lot of therapists I came across the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic by chance. From the very first consultation I knew my son was in good hands. The assessments and analyses he was put through were extremely thorough and it was clear for me to see what the problem was and why after seeing other therapists it still was not fixed. Two months later after my son started the treatment, we was both back to playing sport and doing normal physical activities. It was not only the treatment I was happy with but the support my son received throughout his rehabilitation programme. I received information and advice when I needed it even outside clinic times. If you’re looking for goodservice, brilliant support and recovering treatment from an injury or discomfort pain then visiting the Queens Road Sports Injury Clinic is a must, their experienced team will not let you down".

    by Jason Bebe, Car Technician